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29th-Dec-2010 12:04 am - YAY and NAY!
I'm not sure what icon i should use for this post

Thank you to all who wished me luck with my comp! Everything's fine with it and i'm gonna get it back very soon. LOVE YOU ALL! ♥♥♥ *HUGGLES*
That's the YAY part of this post!

Here comes the NAY, though. I'm REALLY (wanted to say another word but i thought it would be too RUDE) tired ( TOO PISSED OFF THAT I WANNA SCREAM) of hotlinking. My bandwidth limit has exceeded AGAIN and i haven't uploaded anything in the last few days! What the hell's happening??? And the most important thing! The question: WHY ARE THESE THINGS happening to MOI? The account exceeding once? Fine. Annoying as(let's just say annoying!) but still fine. My comp having a virus. Scary as hell but still fine because in the end things worked out *pets my comp*  *loves my comp* But THIS? This is the last straw! Plain RUDENESS, that's what it is. *grumbles*

If this continues i will have to find another solution for this problem. Any ideas, dear f-list?
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