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15th-Oct-2010 08:52 pm - Never say no to a panda!
Ain't that the truth? Check out that vid. I was laughing out loud and i couldn't even understand why.

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24th-Dec-2009 08:03 pm - La Bûche de Noël.
Merry Christmas, guys!!!

May you have the most wonderful time ever. I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and wise! Hee, hope you find lots of presents under the Christmas tree .

 I have some presents .I'll post one now and the other one tomorrow( i have to open my gifts first, no offence).
I made a little something for my beta [ profile] abriata .
I think you love nature just guessing from your lj and i think you like cats as well because you have one. Sorry if i am wrong. Hope you like this as well.

Christmas-y present )

Anyway, i was busy all  day, making La Bûche de Noël. Whoa--?  You ask. Yeah, that was my first initial reaction too. Well, no, actually it wasn't because i'm learning french.

Some of you might have not heard of it. I, myself found about it this month. It's a french dish and it looks yummilicious. I'll post some pictures of what i came  up with tomorrow ( again after i open my goodies). Here's a receipt and some history. If you want just skip the history part and jump right into the chocolaty goodness. I know, i did.

The chocolate dream )


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