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My contribution to [ profile] seasonal_spuffy  this year:


Poem: Love Or Lust

Is it love
Or is it lust
How can you tell

Do you love them
O just the fact
Of being in a spell

With love you're stuck
With lust you're struck
But can you tell them apart

How do you know
If It's in your mind
Or if it's in your heart

With love you'd do
Whatever it took
To take away their frown

With lust all you want
Is to please yourself
Even if it brings them down

It's easy to tell
Between the facts
The difference of lust and love

But how can you tell
Righ off the bat
If it's a puppy or a dove

Love and lust
Lust and love
Can't tell between the two

How can you tell
If it's a stage
Or if it's really true

Kimberly Warres

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