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"Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's living..."
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I have a banner for my friend [ profile] tabitha666. I wasn't quite sure if she'd like it colorful or black and white so i did both versions. Plus the colorful one has two versions too- a Buffy with a pink and a Buffy with a blue coat. Hope you like!*hugs*


Poem: Of Beauty

Let us use it while we may
Snatch those joys that haste away!

Earth her winter coat may cast,
And renew her beauty past:
But, our winter come, in vain
We solicit spring again;
And when our furrows snow shall cover,
Love may return but never lover.

Sir Richard Fanshawe
Civilized James
SMG France
Suzie Austin
Your Health and Longevity
=wchild from Devianart
[ profile] stagesix

some unknown
pamsblau: (Kiss)
Twinkle Form 
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