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6th-Nov-2010 12:10 pm - Happy Birthday and icons :)
I'd like to say three things. First happy birthday to me. YAY ME! Then happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] eilowyn ! Yes, we share the same birthday date! How cool are we? And last but not least happy 9th birthday to Once More With Feeling.

And a bigt thanks to [ profile] cordykitten for the lovely, shiny new car on my lj. You're a sweetheart.♥

Remember last year when i did this big set of OMWF icons? Yeah, well this year i've done some SMG/Buffy ones. Since i love her and i can't possibly adore her facial expressions more than i do now, i decided to explore'em with the help of some icons!

Enjoy and as always comments and snagging are

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