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1st-Nov-2010 04:30 pm - Halloweeny Halloween
...because everybody's doing it. Or not. I had to do some halloweeny art but i was so busy cooking and partying(not really an excuse, i guess ;) that i forgot. Halloween's almost over but you can still grap a halloweeny icon.  160 Halloween icons under the cut. :)

Icons<3 )
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31st-Oct-2010 05:45 pm - Happy Halloween!
I'm invited to a Halloween party so i'm just stoping by to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to my wonderful f-list and also, expect a halloweeny icon post later! ;) And one more thing...I"VE WON AN AWARD! I'm so happy! It's my first award EVER! Thanks to all who wished me luck and to the people who chose my image!♥ Death was her Gift won first prize!*does the dance of joy*
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