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27th-Aug-2011 04:43 pm - Random icon post random. It will take a while before I get my full Photoshop power but I thought I'd give it a try. I felt like doing some icons and revisiting some of my favourite scenes or as I call them the perfect icon scenes...because they're perfect for icons, y'a know. Also I played with the colours of the recent Buffy Season 9 and Angel&Faith covers. Enjoy!
Comments and snaggin' are always ♥

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2nd-Oct-2010 07:42 pm - Jo Chen and Icons!!!
Jo Chen is a great artist and you can't deny it even if you aren't a fan of the comics. Jo Chen is ♥

I got my muse today. :)

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10th-Nov-2009 02:01 pm - My hero!
I found the other cover a little weird, but i just love this one :-) Oh, Buffy, you're my hero! Although flying Buffy sounds kind of strange to me, it also sounds exciting.
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