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7th-Nov-2010 12:34 pm - Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to another November baby, [ profile] diamondtook862! Hope you have a wonderful day!♥
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6th-Nov-2010 12:10 pm - Happy Birthday and icons :)
I'd like to say three things. First happy birthday to me. YAY ME! Then happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] eilowyn ! Yes, we share the same birthday date! How cool are we? And last but not least happy 9th birthday to Once More With Feeling.

And a bigt thanks to [ profile] cordykitten for the lovely, shiny new car on my lj. You're a sweetheart.♥

Remember last year when i did this big set of OMWF icons? Yeah, well this year i've done some SMG/Buffy ones. Since i love her and i can't possibly adore her facial expressions more than i do now, i decided to explore'em with the help of some icons!

Enjoy and as always comments and snagging are

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10th-Oct-2010 11:10 am - Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to [ profile] avrelia and [ profile] maryperk73703! I hope you have a wonderful one!♥
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6th-Oct-2010 11:41 pm - Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to [ profile] coalitiongirl! I wish you lots of happiness and health.♥
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26th-Sep-2010 10:44 pm - Happy Birthday!
I'm a little late as usual but a i wanna wish [ profile] rebcake and [ profile] spuffyduds a very happy birthday!♥
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19th-Sep-2010 11:55 am - Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to [ profile] sueworld2003!

I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and wise! Which you already are...i mean you are wise. LOL!
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12th-Feb-2010 01:01 pm - Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to [info]evangelin1202 ! I wish you the most wonderful, dreamy birthday with lots of presents, hon. Also i made you a little something, call it a giftie :)

(It's animated, so you'll have to wait a few seconds or more...cause it's a heavy animation)

Here, cause it's biiig ;) )

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It's my Birthday, today!!! I am so excited.....yum, presents. But it's not only my Birthday. It's Buffy's birthday as well. Not exactly Buffy's Birthday, but one of Buffy's most famous eps' birthday. Once more with feeling. Older fans should know that this epi was aired on the 6th of November 2001. That means that it's OMWF's 8th Birthday. Right? If i can count....i think it's right.

So, for that special occasion (wait!that's two special occasions) i baked a cake. Not literally (btw i love baking cookies)...but i made some treats.
Hope you enjoy my cake, comment, please and credit it if you have a taste.( I know, i know no more cake metaphors:-)

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