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Last one from Buffy's perspective.(Man I got into this song thing and now there's no stopping me. Not a favourite song though)

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I made this banner while I was thinking about a discussion I had with [ profile] 2maggie2. She believes that Buffy didn't love Spike and that she only felt for him. What exactly? Big feeling which are not love, though. I, on the other hand believe exactly the opposite but I'm afraid that Spike probably won't agree with me. Here's a banner entirely from his perspective. Plus George Michael's song might not be my favourite but it screams Spike to me. Enjoy!

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30th-Aug-2011 12:08 am - "A single rose to mourn this memory"
Okay, so I guess nobody agrees with me about  this post. :(

Anyway here's another Spike/Buffy/Angel banner I wanted to share with you.

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13th-Nov-2010 02:33 pm - "Saying with the gift, "I Love You"
First early Christmas gift. This one's for [ profile] assia_24. Spuffy Christmas style! Hope you like it. :)

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This is a banner i've made for a [ profile] spuffy_wonder challenge and i was very pleased to learn a few days ago that a Spuffy friend wanted to use it for her wonderful story Of Things That Would Never Be which she'll post on Elysian fields. Here's a brief summary of what the story is about:

OTTWNB - Is a historic Victorian romance between William and an amnesiac Buffy.Mid-way through her preganncy she comes back. When she does, they get a trusted female doctor who helps with some complications

And here's your banner, Anita♥

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One more banner for the Buffytube competition. This time it's Buffy/Angelus twisted love. Hope you like it. :)
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I'm kind of sick. Feeling crappy all day but i managed to do a banner for my friend [ profile] veiriti! I hope you like it.

A Gentle Seduction )
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Two banners i've made recently. One for [ profile] seasonal_spuffy and second one for the Buffytube competition. Hope you like. :)
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I have a banner for my friend [ profile] tabitha666. I wasn't quite sure if she'd like it colorful or black and white so i did both versions. Plus the colorful one has two versions too- a Buffy with a pink and a Buffy with a blue coat. Hope you like!*hugs*

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