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30th-Aug-2011 12:08 am - "A single rose to mourn this memory"
Okay, so I guess nobody agrees with me about  this post. :(

Anyway here's another Spike/Buffy/Angel banner I wanted to share with you.

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I wanted this piece to be perfect because that's one of my OTPs. I've added a song beneath it because I honestly think it fits their story perfectly. Plus I love the song. Please, let me know what you think ♥
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29th-Aug-2011 12:26 pm - Buffyverse ponies
So Barb introduced me to this and I fell in love with it and I just had to do my own version of the Buffy, Angel and Spike ponies(Pssst! Check out her post. It's the original. I'm just a copycat I am :D).Here ya go. Aren't they so totally adorable?

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27th-Aug-2011 04:43 pm - Random icon post random. It will take a while before I get my full Photoshop power but I thought I'd give it a try. I felt like doing some icons and revisiting some of my favourite scenes or as I call them the perfect icon scenes...because they're perfect for icons, y'a know. Also I played with the colours of the recent Buffy Season 9 and Angel&Faith covers. Enjoy!
Comments and snaggin' are always ♥

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16th-Jan-2011 02:21 pm - Life is hard
Well, i've been a little busy these days so i haven't really replied much. Sorry about that.
However i do have two things which made me very happy.
First i want to thank my lovely friend [ profile] angelus2hot  for the sweetest baby otter on my lj! Thank you, honey!*hugs and ♥*

And second, looky what i won!*huggles banner* Thanks to everyone who voted for my icon! Love you all so much!

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29th-Dec-2010 12:04 am - YAY and NAY!
I'm not sure what icon i should use for this post

Thank you to all who wished me luck with my comp! Everything's fine with it and i'm gonna get it back very soon. LOVE YOU ALL! ♥♥♥ *HUGGLES*
That's the YAY part of this post!

Here comes the NAY, though. I'm REALLY (wanted to say another word but i thought it would be too RUDE) tired ( TOO PISSED OFF THAT I WANNA SCREAM) of hotlinking. My bandwidth limit has exceeded AGAIN and i haven't uploaded anything in the last few days! What the hell's happening??? And the most important thing! The question: WHY ARE THESE THINGS happening to MOI? The account exceeding once? Fine. Annoying as(let's just say annoying!) but still fine. My comp having a virus. Scary as hell but still fine because in the end things worked out *pets my comp*  *loves my comp* But THIS? This is the last straw! Plain RUDENESS, that's what it is. *grumbles*

If this continues i will have to find another solution for this problem. Any ideas, dear f-list?
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24th-Dec-2010 11:47 pm - Merry Christmas!
I'm using a different computer system now but i still have the hope that i'll get mine(with everything safe and sound on it!) on Monday. Thanks to everyone who send me love and positive vibes! I love you all.♥

May love always warm your heart!*hugs you all tight*

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23rd-Dec-2010 01:35 pm - Thank you!
Thanks so much to [ profile] cordykitten for the delicious cookies and warm milk on my lj page. And a big thank you to [ profile] chic_c for the teddy bear. It's the sweetest thing i've ever seen.*huggles and squishes you all* I love you, guys! I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas!♥
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13th-Dec-2010 11:46 pm - Help!
Hey, guys. Could you please tell me some scenes in Btvs in which a character writes something? There are lots in which they read but i need some writing ones as well. :)
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12th-Dec-2010 06:24 pm - Some icons
Warning: The Buffy icons are made for a challenge at [ profile] whedonland.
The bases are not mine!

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